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Are you interested in Japan? Its people? Its culture? Its language?

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Japan Society North West holds regular Japan-related events in the Manchester / Liverpool / Cheshire / Lancashire region. 

Upcoming JSNW Events

JSNW Social and Japanese Conversation Evening in Manchester

Friday 18 September 2015    7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Let’s have a drink, enjoy food, and meet someone new. Our former Newsletter Editor, Yuko Howes, who is also a Japanese tutor, will host this fun event. You don't need to be able to speak Japanese, so you can just relax.  

If you would like to attend this event please email

Remember, it's on Friday this time!

Venue: Samsi, 36-38 Whitworth Street, Manchester M1 3NR

Film Screening: Kamikaze Girls

Saturday 19 September 2015   2:30 pm

Meet Momoko, a self-absorbed dreamer who fantasizes about fleeing her backcountry home and living life in 18th century Versailles. When she unexpectedly meets the rebellious Ichigo, a rough-and-tumble biker chick, the two misfits form a unique friendship--together, nothing can stop them!    Trailer

Tea and cake is available for £1, with free tea refills.

Entry is free. If you would like to attend this event please contact our Events Co-ordinator.  

Distributed in the UK by Third Window Films.  

Venue: Padgate Community Centre, Station Road, Padgate, Warrington WA2 0QS


Bohemian Nippon - Japanese Culture and Art in late 19th and early 20th century Czech Lands

Saturday 3 October 2015   2:30 pm

A talk by Helena Gaudekova, former curator at the National Museum, Prague.

"I'd like to talk about several important Bohemian / Czech personalities who were the founders of the country's relations to Japan. I will be mentioning Vojtech Naprstek, the founder of the first Asian Art Collection in Prague, as well as his friend Joe Hloucha, a traveller to Japan who published a number of Japanese-inspired novels and started a massive collection of ukiyo-e. I will introduce the two Czech major Japanese art collections - National Museum and the National Gallery. I will also concentrate on the impact Japan had on Bohemian culture, such as the formation of the famous Yokohama Tea House in Prague in the 1900s, or the work of graphic artist Emil Orlik who even went to Japan to study ukiyo-e under master Kano Tomonobu. During my lecture I will be showing a number of images from late 19th century photographs from Prague and Japan, to images of art works directly inspired by Japan that played a crucial role in the formation of the modern Czech as well as Central-European art scene."

The price is £4 per JSNW member and £7 for non-Members. If you would like to attend this event please email

Venue: Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St, Manchester M2 5NS

A Japanese Conversation Evening in Liverpool

TBA October 2015   7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Angela Davies, a very experienced instructor of Japanese, will host an evening of Japanese conversation, over delicious food at Etsu restaurant.

If you would like to attend this event it is essential that you contact our Events Co-ordinator. Etsu is a small restaurant - places are limited.


Venue: Etsu Japanese Restaurant, 25 The Strand, (off Brunswick Street) Liverpool, L2 0XJ



What's On

Japan Matsuri 2015

Global Sushi Challenge

30 September 2015

The renowned World Sushi Skills Institute of Japan (WSSI) joins the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) to find the most accomplished sushi and sashimi chefs for Global Sushi Challenge 2015.

The UK heat, to be held at Nobu, Old Park Lane, will see chefs compete for a place in the International final in Japan where they will be judged by some of the best sushi experts in the world. Chefs will be asked to prepare two dishes, one Edo Mae and one original sushi. Visit the official web site to learn more.

Japanese Garden Society Annual Meeting Liverpool 2015

Saturday 17 October 2015

JSNW members are invited to attend the JGS annual meeting. The theme for the day is "Personal approaches to the Japanese garden tradition, Where do I go from here?"

Three garden creators, Graham Hardman, Howard Healey and Robert Ketchell, will each be giving a talk on their individual approaches to incorporating ideas derived from the Japanese garden tradition into creating gardens in the UK. The writer and garden historian Yoko Kawaguchi will give a talk on how the Japanese perceive their own garden tradition, “A view from inside.” The talks will be followed by a panel discussion Q&A session.

JSNW members arrive at 11:15 for coffee, 11.30 join meeting, 16:00 finish, or join in optional visit to view Calderstone’s Japanese Garden finish 17:00.

For further details on the talks and booking forms please contact Ann Dobson, Japanese Garden Society Secretary at:

 The cost for the day which includes teas/coffee on arrival, the four talks and a buffet lunch will be £10 per person. Please note that all bookings should be received by the 9th October at the very latest.  Details

Venue: Calderstones Mansion House, Calderstones Park, Liverpool L18 3JD

Doki Doki - The Manchester Japanese Festival

Saturday 7 November 2015   10:00 am until 7:00 pm at Sugden Sports Centre    Details

150 years of Oldham’s links with Japan

2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the arrival in Britain of 19 students from Kagoshima in Japan, three of whom visited Oldham. On 17th April 1865 this group of students set sail from the tiny village of Hashima in the Satsuma province, now present day Kagoshima. The students were on a mission to learn about the textile industry here in Oldham, then the cotton spinning capital of the world. /p>

This began a period of exchange between Oldham and Kagoshima. In 1866 the three students returned to Japan with machinery and four engineers from Platt Brothers. The following year three more engineers travelled to Kagoshima. Their job was to assist in the manufacturing and technical training of Japanese staff as well as installing the machinery. The engineers were housed in the Foreigners’ House, which was built in 1866 especially for them. Today this house is a museum recording the story of these events.

The relationship between Oldham and Japan continued long after the establishment of the factory in Kagoshima, with trade links continuing throughout the twentieth century. Platt Brothers also helped to give birth to the world’s largest carmakers, Toyota. In 1929, Platt Brothers paid £100,000 for the patents of an automatic loom developed by the company. It was the money from this sale that allow Toyota (then called Toyoda) to diversify and begin its automobile manufacturing.

Earlier this year Gallery Oldham was approached by the Japanese Embassy to see if we would be interested in taking part in their Satsuma 150 celebrations, a national celebration of the links between Japan and the UK. We have created a display of Gallery Oldham’s small collection of Satsuma ceramics. The display will be on until 21st November.

Hayao Miyazaki Interview

In a rare interview Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese animator behind Spirited Away, tells Robbie Collin why he 'bet everything' on his final Studio Ghibli film, The Wind Rises.

Read this article in The Telegraph

NHK World

Kabuki is a world-class theater with a history of over 400 years, but is also exciting entertainment. What is the secret of its enduring attraction? Ichikawa Somegoro, brilliant member of the younger generation of actors, guides us through the world of kabuki.

This is a monthly series on NHK World

You can watch NHK WORLD TV Live Streaming and


Japan Society Events

The Japan Society in London organises a wide range of events. Visit their web site for a full list of upcoming events.




Japan's Sakoku Period

Thursday 4 April 2013   9:00 am and 9:30 pm  Radio 4

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss Japan's Sakoku period, two centuries when the country deliberately isolated itself from the outside world. Sakoku began with a series of edicts in the 1630s which restricted the rights of Japanese to leave their country and expelled Europeans living there. It was not until 1858 and the "gunboat diplomacy" of the American Commodore Matthew Perry that Japan's international isolation finally ended.

Noriko Ogawa in conversation with Melanie Spanswick

An interview with Japanese pianist, Noriko Ogawa which took place in December 2012 at Jaques Samuel Pianos in London.

Find out what kind of child Noriko was, and what kind of sound world she lives in in this biographical interview.

Study Tours to Japan


Visit Akemi's web site for more information.



Japanese Food in Lymm

Japanese Food Specialists TK Trading set up shop in Lymm High School every other Saturday - see their web site for the schedule.

Venue: Lymm High School, Oughtrington Lane,  Lymm, Cheshire WA13 0RB


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