Japan Society North West

Japan Society North West provides a forum for everyone interested in any aspect of Japanese life and culture.  

Through our meetings and other activities we provide opportunities for all those living in the northwest of England, and in north Wales, to understand and appreciate the people, culture and language of Japan.

Membership of the JSNW is for both British and Japanese residents of the northwest, and is open to everyone sympathetic to our aims. We particularly welcome Japanese nationals living or working here.

Regular meetings are held for members to share the widest possible experience of Japan and Japanese culture. In addition, our resources and contacts will facilitate anyone seeking information on the many aspects of Japan that have become an integral part of our daily lives: interior design and decoration, fine art, gardens, flower arranging, motor cars, martial arts, calligraphy, cuisine, technology, cosplay, karaoke ... the list is endless.  


The Japan Society North West was founded in May 2004. It is the successor to the UK Japan Society of the North West, which was founded in 1996 to provide a focus for local companies with business interests in Japan. Whilst this commercial need has declined, there is a growing general interest in Japan and its people. Many of the former corporate members continue to participate in the JSNW, which now focuses on the interests of individuals in the area.  


The committee comprises: Robert Bierman, Nigel Cordon (Treasurer and Events Co-ordinator), Annabel Cordon (Vice Chairman), Gail Cordon (Membership Secretary), Angela Davies (Vice Chairman), Tim Evans (Chairman), Joan Horley (Secretary), Jennifer Lynch, Alix Roper, Sam Rosen (Newsletter Editor) and Leigh Walmsley.

Corporate Members

While the bulk of our membership comprises individuals, we also have corporate members: