JSNW Shinnenkai 2024

Please join us in welcoming the arrival of the new year on
Saturday 27th January
@ 6:00 to 8:30 pm

The price is £22 per member; £25 for non-Members.

Lee Jenkinson will sing Japanese Enka songs for us.
We are also having a Japanese Quiz.

An excellent sushi and hot buffet are provided. (The menu is below.)

Let us know if you want vegetarian sushi.

Please send your payment by Mon 22nd January. Payment details can be found in your email from JSNW, or if you are a non-member, please contact us at: events@jsnw.org.uk

So please come along and enjoy yourselves!

Put the date in your diaries now!
In hope and anticipation of a happy and prosperous New Year.

Tim Parry Community Centre

search for
Cromdale Way Pre-School, Cromdale Way, Warrington WA5 3NY

If you are travelling by car, then it can be reached from the M62 via junction 8 or junction 7
(to avoid Warrington Centre), see maps below.

It has a car park for up to 15 cars and a secondary car park for another 15 – 20 cars.

The nearest railway station is “Warrington West” 2 miles away.


If you are unsure how to get there, or have any questions, please get in touch at events@jsnw.org.uk .

Sushi Buffet
Roasted sweet potato and fig salad (V)
Sushi platter a) Boiled prawn nigiri
b) Torched salmon roll with Teriyaki sauce
c) Breaded prawn rolls d) Salmon nigiri
Let me know if you want vegetarian sushi ordering.
Fried chicken in Teriyaki sauce
Tofu gyoza dumpling (V)
Breaded chicken & onion on skewer
Vegetarian pine nuts Okonomiyaki (V)
Vegetarian Yakisoba noodle (V)
Ozoni (Sticky rice Omochi and vegetables in miso soup)
Green tea crepe with Azuki beans

*Sushi Craft will contribute Sake to Kampai. Sake shot glasses are provided.

Above: Lee Jenkinson at Japan Day 2022.